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Rolling Meadows, IL Traffic Ticket Lawyer

When you see flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror and you realize they are flashing for you, it can be a sickening, sinking feeling. Being pulled over by police can be an intimidating experience, even if you have no reason to be worried. It has been proven that most people will do what a police officer tells them for the sole reason that the officer is wearing a uniform, even if they do not believe it is the right thing to do. It is extremely important to remember you do have rights when you are pulled over by a police officer.

Rights When Speaking to Police

Most people have heard about the right to remain silent, but is that always your best option? Sometimes, if a police officer is asking you questions, it is not in your best interest to keep quiet. The right to remain silent is intended to keep you from self-incrimination, but there are other ways to do that. If an officer begins to question you, try answering their question with a question, such as, “Did I do something wrong?,” or, “Am I free to leave?” 


Arlington Heights criminal defense attorneyIn many ways, social media has been a positive step forward for mankind. It has given people the ability to connect and converse with others all around the world and brought families and friends closer. There is a drawback, however. Law enforcement has taken to social media platforms to find, charge, and even convict alleged suspects. Learn what you need to know about how your social media activity could negatively affect your life, and how you can protect your rights if you are currently facing criminal charges for your behavior on social media.

Drunk Driving and Social Media

While most people use social media to share their evening out with friends, a day at the beach, or a recent engagement, others have used it to boast about driving while under the influence. Unfortunately, many of them have been arrested because of that over-sharing of information. Even worse, their social media boast is often used as evidence against them.


arrest warrant, Arlington Heights criminal defense lawyerWhen criminal charges are dismissed, all court proceedings are supposed to cease. Unfortunately, this was not the experience for a man in New York. Instead, he was arrested several times on a warrant that, according to court documents, never should have been issued. Even more concerning is that his battle with the justice system is not as uncommon as some might think.

The Tale of One Man’s Battle

According to The New York Times, a Brooklyn man in his early 50s was originally arrested on suspicion of trespassing after dropping a friend’s child off at school. His charges were dismissed on the condition that he not commit any crimes for a year, but for unknown reasons, a warrant for his arrest was still issued by the State Supreme Court in the Bronx.


attacking the evidence, criminal case, DUI arrest, DUI patrol, Illinois DUI defense attorney, your legal rightsPolice officers are trained to look for several "signs" of intoxication when they first come into personal contact with a DUI suspect. Often, and especially if a defendant refused to submit to a chemical test, a prosecutor may rely on these "signs" to help prove that a driver was intoxicated. However, an experienced DUI defense attorney can refute some or all of these signs, giving a DUI suspect a much better chance to either beat a case or negotiate a more favorable plea agreement.

Traffic Violation

Speeding, running a stop sign or stop light, and making an unsafe lane change are some of the more common traffic violations that may lead to a stop. But there are plenty of factors, other than alcohol, that cause people to speed and run stop signs. Many times, an officer has actually profiled a defendant based on time of day and location. In other situations, the officers may have been working a special DUI patrol, so they had a direct incentive to locate DUI suspects.

Bloodshot Eyes

Officers may testify that a defendant had bloodshot eyes, as alcohol does cause this problem. But, so do several other common issues, including: