Top Tips for How to Avoid Driving Recklessly in Illinois

 Posted on February 26,2021 in Traffic Violations

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With a legendary athlete in the news recently due to a serious car accident and with him having a history of being charged with reckless driving, it is an opportune moment to discuss this further, whether Tiger Woods is charged with any traffic violations or not. Overall, it is easy to shrug off most traffic violations as minor, but the truth is many of these violations can be considered from within the purview of criminal law; in fact, certain traffic violations, if serious enough to result in imprisonment, can result in either a felony or a misdemeanor. One of these crimes in Illinois would be reckless driving. Read on to learn the Illinois definition of reckless driving and how you can avoid driving recklessly.

Reckless Driving: Defined by Illinois State Law

With varying degrees of severity and different, more specific definitions of reckless driving with a diverse set of penalties and criminal classifications depending on the circumstances, it can be difficult to understand the Illinois law for reckless driving. In general, though, one of the following two facts must be true in order for the traffic violation to be considered the criminal act of reckless driving:

  1. If the operator of the vehicle drives any vehicle with a willful disregard for the safety of other people or property, then that person has been driving recklessly.

  2. If the operator of the vehicle knowingly drives a vehicle over parts of the roadway in such a way as to make the vehicle become airborne, then that person has committed reckless driving.

3 Tips for How to Avoid Reckless Driving in Illinois

There are countless ways you can prevent reckless driving by yourself or someone you know, but some of the most important pieces of advice are:

  1. Do Not Impair Yourself—This would include no alcohol consumption, drug use, or even other distractions while behind the wheel, like texting, for instance. It might be helpful to hide your smartphone and turn off its Bluetooth, especially if you are on particularly challenging roads. In addition, always have a backup plan if you think you might be engaging in drug or alcohol use.

  2. Stay Alert—Especially if you are driving at night, you need to make sure you are well-rested and completely alert. Get plenty of sleep the day before and consider drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Also, eating healthy snacks like fruit or nuts can help keep you aware and energized.

  3. Pay Attention to Your Moods—If you are angry or otherwise irritated, you might drive aggressively, which puts you at risk for reckless driving. Consider doing something before driving that calms you down or simply ask someone else to drive.

Contact an Arlington Heights, IL Traffic Crimes Defense Attorney

If for some reason you are unable to avoid a charge of reckless driving in Illinois, consider reaching out to an experienced Rolling Meadows, IL criminal defense lawyer who can help you build a convincing defense against your alleged criminal traffic violation. Contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law, by calling 847-253-3400 to schedule a free consultation.




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