When a Simple Traffic Stop Turns into a Drug Charges Case

 Posted on September 13,2017 in Drug Crimes

Illinois drug crimes attorneySometimes, a traffic stop is nothing more than just that, but other times, it can lead to serious trouble. A woman, who was stopped for speeding in Illinois and is now facing drug charges, serves as a prime example. Learn more about how this case (and others) can quickly change into a serious situation, and discover how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help if you or someone you love ends up in a similar situation.

Drug Dog Caught Scent During Traffic Stop

News sources indicate that the officers had originally stopped the woman for speeding, but a drug dog picked up a scent during the process. Her vehicle was then searched. Officers allegedly found methamphetamines, paraphernalia, and packaging materials. She was arrested and detained and is now facing charges for possession of methamphetamines with the intent to deliver, which is a more severe charge than simple possession.

Probable Cause and Traffic Stops

While, under most situations, law enforcement must obtain a warrant to search your property, they may legally do so if they have probable cause while you are being detained for a traffic violation. In other words, the arrested woman may not have had any way to stop the search of her vehicle since officers had probable cause, via the drug dog. However, that does not mean she is without rights – now, or at the time of her arrest.

Protecting Yourself in a Drug Charges Case

Any time that law enforcement finds evidence of wrongdoing against you, it is crucial that you know and exercise your Constitutional rights. Your right to remain silent (even at the time of arrest) and your right to legal counsel are paramount to your case. However, you should also be aware that you have the right to be treated humanely and as an innocent person until otherwise proven guilty in a court of law. Individuals are also encouraged to comply with officers (provided the requests do not violate your legal rights) to avoid any unnecessary altercations that could result in harm to the individual.

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