Understanding Domestic Violence Laws in Illinois

 Posted on March 06,2015 in Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

domestic abuse, spousal abuse, Illinois Criminal Defense attorneyFacing domestic violence charges can be a frightening ordeal. In addition to the potential legal penalties, people who face these charges often endure scrutiny from friends and family. The truth, though, is that you still have rights, and an attorney can help protect them. Besides contacting a criminal lawyer, you should also familiarize yourself with the Illinois laws that relate to domestic violence.

Legal Definitions of Domestic Violence

Any amount of abuse against a family member or other member of the household—whether it is physical, verbal, or mental—may be considered domestic violence.  Examples include:

  • Physical abuse, including sexual abuse;
  • Any use of physical force or restraint;
  • Harassment, including coercive conduct at work or school;
  • Stalking and unwanted surveillance;
  • Threats of any kind; and
  • Hiding or threatening to hide one's own children.

In some ways, these areas can be quite broad under the law. This is why those who are facing abuse charges should discuss their case with an experienced criminal attorney.

Despite popular opinion, not every case of domestic violence involves spousal abuse. Threatening to restrict contact or access to one's own child is a form of abuse. Additionally, any physical harm or intimidation of a child or legal dependent may also constitute abuse.

The legal definition of abuse also extends to situations involving the deprivation of a spouse's, child's, or elderly or disabled person's necessities. Refusing to give food, medical care, shelter, medication, or other assistance may also be grounds for domestic violence charges.

Domestic Abuse Laws in Arlington Heights, Illinois

If you wish to speak with an experienced Arlington Heights criminal attorney about a domestic abuse case, contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law.  With more than 23 years of practice, Mr. Anderson can help you understand the law and your options. Facing domestic abuse charges is never easy, but you do not have to go through the process alone. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at 847-253-3400.

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