Understanding the Consequences of Driving with a Suspended License

 Posted on January 04,2023 in Driver's License Reinstatement

arlington heights criminal defense lawyerFor many of us, driving is a fundamental part of everyday life. Whether driving to the grocery store, driving to work, or picking your child up from school, it can be hard to imagine life without driving. Driving has become so ingrained in our society that we often forget that it is a privilege that we get to drive, not a right. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where someone may break the law, such as through a DUI charge, which can result in a license suspension.

Once someone's license gets suspended, that person must tread very carefully. It is critical to remember that if you choose to drive with a suspended license, the penalties and fines associated with such behavior will become increasingly severe. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the associated penalties for driving with a suspended license. It cannot be emphasized enough that if you have been arrested for such an offense, consider contacting an experienced driver's license suspension attorney who will work to protect your rights and pursue a positive outcome in your case. 

What Are the Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License? 

Life becomes markedly tricky when someone's driving privileges get suspended. As a result, people may decide to accept the risk and go out driving anyway. While this line of thinking is not uncommon, it must be understood that driving on a suspended license is unlawful and can often result in increased penalties and personal difficulties. Generally, the penalties for driving on a suspended license will increase in severity the more prior convictions of driving on a suspended license someone has. Penalties include the following: 

  • First offense – For your first time getting arrested for driving with a suspended license, the violation is considered a Class A misdemeanor. While you may face up to one year in prison, there is a mandatory prison sentence of 10 days or even 30 days of community service. This will be up to the judge's discretion. You may also face fines of up to $2,500.

  • Second or third offense – If you are arrested for a second or third time driving with a suspended license, you will face a Class 4 felony. Based on a judge's discretion, you may face up to three years in prison, with a mandatory prison sentence of 30 days or 300 days of community service. 

It must be noted that all occurrences of driving on a suspended license will result in doubling the suspension period from what it originally was. Furthermore, please understand a suspended license is different from a revoked one. When your license is suspended, it is taken for a definite amount of time. However, a license being revoked means that it is being permanently taken, often due to a felony DUI or multiple DUI. If any event, you will need to work with an attorney experienced in license reinstatement

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