What You Need to Know About Speeding in a Construction Zone Tickets

 Posted on July 21,2022 in Traffic Violations

Arlington Heights Traffic Violations LawyerIf you live in the Chicago area, you know that road construction is a constant concern. Because the chances of accidents are so much higher in construction zones, these areas are often subject to reduced speed limits. Illinois penalizes speeding in construction zones especially harshly. If you or a loved one were cited for speeding in a construction zone, a traffic law attorney may be able to help.

Driving Above the Speed Limit When There is a Construction Project

Construction projects may force drivers to drive in narrow lanes and dodge cones, construction workers, and machinery. Consequently, the maximum speed at which drivers can drive is often reduced in these areas. The penalties for speeding are also enhanced. In Illinois, speeding in a construction zone is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000. However, if you are caught speeding in a construction zone a second time within a two-year period and construction workers are present, you face a 90-day driver’s license suspension in addition to fines.

Driving 26-35 mph over the speed limit in a construction zone is considered aggravated speeding. This is a Class B misdemeanor criminal offense punishable by up to six months in jail and heavy fines. If the driver is driving more than 35 mph above the speed limit in a construction zone, this can lead to Class A misdemeanor charges and up to a year in jail.

Photograph-enforced traffic control systems may also be used to prosecute drivers who speed in a construction zone. However, the use of photograph enforcement is only permitted in certain situations and the state must comply with special rules and requirements to issue a violation based on photographic evidence. If you were charged with speeding in a construction zone based on photo enforcement, a criminal defense lawyer can evaluate the charges and determine whether the state complied with the necessary requirements. If the requirements were not fulfilled, the state may not be able to convict you.

Contact a Rolling Meadows Traffic Violation Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one were ticketed or charged with speeding in a construction zone, contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law for help and legal support. Arlington Heights criminal defense attorney Scott Anderson has over 25 years of experience defending clients in criminal law and traffic violation cases. He can offer the advice and guidance you need during this challenging time. Call 847-253-3400 for a free consultation.



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