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What Kind of Evidence May Be Included in a Distracted Driving Case? 

 Posted on January 19,2023 in Criminal Law

rolling meadows traffic violation lawyerUnquestionably, our lives are becoming more and more digitized every day. While devices like smartphones and smartwatches have made us more interconnected with each other than ever before, these types of devices undoubtedly have made our lives more complicated, especially when it comes to cases of distracted driving. Many of us have experienced the temptation of checking a text message while driving. Unfortunately, what begins as responding to a text message while driving can quickly result in getting pulled over for a distracted driving traffic violation

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the law regarding distracted driving in Illinois, and what types of evidence may be used in a distracted driving case to prove the alleged offender was driving distracted. If you have received a traffic violation for distracted driving caused by your cell phone and are interested in contesting your ticket in court, consider contacting an experienced traffic attorney who will protect your rights and inform you of your options moving forward. 

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What to Know About the Illinois Diversion Program for Drug Crime Defendants

 Posted on January 11,2023 in Criminal Law

arlington heights crimnal defense lawyerIn recent years, the societal conversation regarding drug use has changed. The focus has shifted from how best to punish drug crime offenders to how best to rehabilitate drug crime offenders. For example, in years past, if you were convicted of a drug crime such as drug possession, where you were found guilty of possessing an illicit drug other than cannabis, you would likely be facing the possibility of a life-shattering felony conviction. Today, however, Illinois courts acknowledge that most people caught with small amounts of drugs are not big-time drug traffickers but instead regular people who made a mistake. To prevent ordinary people from becoming drug crime felons, Illinois instituted a diversion program to help regular people avoid drug-related convictions. 

If you are a first-time drug crime offender, you are likely eligible for Illinois’s diversion program. Contacting a knowledgeable Illinois drug crime attorney is an excellent first step to seeing whether you are eligible. 

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Understanding the Consequences of Driving with a Suspended License

 Posted on January 04,2023 in Driver's License Reinstatement

arlington heights criminal defense lawyerFor many of us, driving is a fundamental part of everyday life. Whether driving to the grocery store, driving to work, or picking your child up from school, it can be hard to imagine life without driving. Driving has become so ingrained in our society that we often forget that it is a privilege that we get to drive, not a right. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where someone may break the law, such as through a DUI charge, which can result in a license suspension.

Once someone's license gets suspended, that person must tread very carefully. It is critical to remember that if you choose to drive with a suspended license, the penalties and fines associated with such behavior will become increasingly severe. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the associated penalties for driving with a suspended license. It cannot be emphasized enough that if you have been arrested for such an offense, consider contacting an experienced driver's license suspension attorney who will work to protect your rights and pursue a positive outcome in your case. 

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Different Ways Your DUI Case May Not Result in a Guilty Verdict 

 Posted on December 31,2022 in Criminal Law

Arlington Heights, IL criminal defense lawyerMake no mistake: being convicted of a DUI can have life-shattering consequences. Steep fines and a possible jail sentence are only the beginning. Many who are convicted of a DUI face immense socioeconomic challenges as well as difficulties in their personal life. Unfortunately, there is often a notion that when someone is charged with DUI, it is a foregone conclusion that they will be convicted. However, this is not necessarily the case. 

It is possible to beat a DUI charge. However, doing so will require you tp first hire an experienced DUI attorney to ensure your rights remain protected and that your best interests are at the forefront of all decisions made. Experience is critical when it comes to DUI cases, as is an attorney who has worked DUI cases before and is aware of the different defenses and strategies that can help individuals accused of DUI beat the charge. In this blog, we will look at what legal tools can be implemented to help dismiss a charge of DUI. 

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Why Are People Found Guilty of Crimes They Did Not Commit? 

 Posted on December 26,2022 in Criminal Law

 Arlington Heights, IL criminal defense lawyerBeing accused of a felony or misdemeanor you did not commit is a nightmarish scenario for many people. Moreover, being charged or even convicted for such a crime is an even bigger nightmare. While the United States has safeguards in the legal system such as “beyond a reasonable doubt,” unfortunately, people are still found guilty, or sometimes plead guilty, for crimes they did not commit. How could this be? 

There are many reasons why people are found guilty of crimes they did not commit. In this blog, we will delve deeper into some of those reasons. At the outset, if you have been charged with a crime, your best chance for circumventing a wrongful conviction is to hire a highly competent criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights and fight to exonerate you. 

Why Would Someone Plead Guilty to a Crime They Did Not Commit? 

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Understanding the Penalties for Theft Charges This Holiday Season 

 Posted on December 19,2022 in Criminal Law

=Arlington Heights, IL criminal defense lawyerThe holidays are here; for many, this time of the year is a beautiful time to spend with family and friends. However, while this is a happy time for many, it is also a busy time of the year for law enforcement. As stores swell with crowds of enthusiastic and impatient shoppers, it is not uncommon for theft to spike during this time of the year. Whether it be due to overcrowded stores, a case of overzealous shoppers or someone simply swiping a package off someone’s front porch, law enforcement in Illinois is on the lookout for theft of all kinds as Christmas and the holiday season draws near.

Being charged with theft can ruin your holiday season and follow you long after the holidays have ended. If you have been charged with theft, consider contacting an experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney who ensures your rights are protected while helping you pursue the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

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Understanding Multiple DUIs and Felony DUIs in Illinois 

 Posted on December 09,2022 in DUI

Arlington Heights, IL felony DUI defense lawyerAs is true with the vast majority of the country, Illinois takes DUIs very seriously. This is mainly because when someone drives under the influence of alcohol, they endanger themselves and everyone around them. The criminal consequences of one DUI are dire enough, but what happens if you get arrested more than once or twice for a DUI? Or worse, what if you get a DUI and, in the process, someone gets hurt or killed? Unfortunately, these types of DUI rise to the level of felony DUI.

A felony DUI can have a devastating impact on your life. If you have been arrested for a felony DUI, understand that your freedom is in jeopardy because if you are convicted, you may be subject to lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Contact an experienced felony DUI lawyer who will tirelessly defend your rights and do everything possible to keep you out of prison.

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What to Do After Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Arlington Heights 

 Posted on November 23,2022 in Traffic Violations

arlington heights traffic ticket lawyerLike the speed of cars has increased over the years, so have the price and consequences of speeding tickets. Chances are that you will receive a traffic violation at some point in your life. Traffic violations like speeding tickets can be not only annoying, but they can also be costly. It is essential to keep in mind that when dealing with a speeding ticket, you need to remember that you have options. 

Depending on how fast you were going, speed tickets can have a genuine impact on one’s life, ranging from fines of $75 escalating up to having your license suspended. If you have received a speeding ticket and have chosen to fight the ticket in traffic court, do not go about it alone. Consulting with a trained attorney can make the difference between paying the fine and possibly facing other consequences or having the ticket thrown out by the judge. 

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What to Do if You Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence

 Posted on November 21,2022 in Criminal Law

arlington heights domestic violence lawyerBeing accused of a crime can be distressing, especially if you believe you are innocent of the accusations being brought against you. In Illinois, crimes like domestic violence carry stiff penalties, possible jail time, and devastating interpersonal consequences. Law enforcement does not look kindly upon domestic abusers, and the same goes for the public. When you are accused of a crime like domestic violence, public sentiment often assumes the accused as being automatically guilty.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you must understand the seriousness of the situation. You want, at all costs, to avoid being charged with such a crime, as once you are charged, even if you are found not guilty, your personal and professional reputation may be at considerable risk of irreversible damage. If you find yourself accused of domestic violence, do not hesitate to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney who will protect your rights and advise you on how best to proceed, to safeguard your future. 

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I Consented to a Breathalyzer and Was Charged With a DUI; Will I Be Convicted? 

 Posted on November 14,2022 in DUI

arlington heights DUI defense lawyerGetting pulled over by law enforcement can be a nerve-racking experience regardless of whether you have been drinking or not. Looking in your rear-view mirror and seeing those flashing lights can make you so nervous that it may feel like your heart will beat out of your chest. During this critical time, staying calm and remembering your rights are essential. 

The police officer walks to your window and asks if you have been drinking. Before you know it, the officer asks if you will consent to a breathalyzer test. You oblige and find out seconds later you have blown a number above 0.08 percent, the legal limit, and are immediately arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). If you ever find yourself under these circumstances, it is critically important that you seek legal counsel from an experienced DUI attorney right away.

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