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arlington heights DUI defense lawyerEven as a first offense, a DUI charge is not something to take lightly. It is true that first-time DUI offenses used to be considered little more than a serious traffic violation. However, this is no longer the case. Now, not only is a DUI charge one of the more severe misdemeanors someone can commit, but they are also sometimes even charged as felonies if certain aggravating factors are present in the situation.

It may come as a surprise that the total cost of a first-time DUI, when taking into account both direct and indirect costs, amounts to a whopping $17,000. This is why if you are arrested on a first-time DUI, it is essential you retain the services of a knowledgeable DUI attorney. Doing so will place you in the best position possible to avoid a conviction and move on with your life.

What Are the Penalties for First-Time DUI in Arlington Heights? 

When someone is convicted of a first-offense DUI, the offender may be subject to up to 12 months in prison and a fine of $2,500. It is important to note that the $2,500 does not include court costs, probation fees, or other related costs. The true indirect cost of a DUI is found in the increase in car insurance rates, which can increase by nearly 50 percent in the years following a DUI. 


rolling meadows traffic violation lawyerUnquestionably, our lives are becoming more and more digitized every day. While devices like smartphones and smartwatches have made us more interconnected with each other than ever before, these types of devices undoubtedly have made our lives more complicated, especially when it comes to cases of distracted driving. Many of us have experienced the temptation of checking a text message while driving. Unfortunately, what begins as responding to a text message while driving can quickly result in getting pulled over for a distracted driving traffic violation

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the law regarding distracted driving in Illinois, and what types of evidence may be used in a distracted driving case to prove the alleged offender was driving distracted. If you have received a traffic violation for distracted driving caused by your cell phone and are interested in contesting your ticket in court, consider contacting an experienced traffic attorney who will protect your rights and inform you of your options moving forward. 

Law in Illinois on Using Handheld Devices While Driving

First and foremost, like many other states, Illinois law bans using handheld devices while driving. You may be subject to a moving violation if you are pulled over for using a handheld device while driving. There is a points system in Illinois where points are added to your license if you incur a moving violation. If you receive three moving violations within a single year, your driving privileges may be suspended. So many people rely on their driving privileges to complete everyday tasks. As a result, losing your license can have a devastating effect on one’s life. That is why many people decide to contest their ticket in court, so they can give themselves a chance to defend themselves against a distracted driving violation, particularly if they have more than one traffic violation on their record and wish not to pay expensive fees or worse, have their license taken if this is their third moving violation within a year. 


arlington heights crimnal defense lawyerIn recent years, the societal conversation regarding drug use has changed. The focus has shifted from how best to punish drug crime offenders to how best to rehabilitate drug crime offenders. For example, in years past, if you were convicted of a drug crime such as drug possession, where you were found guilty of possessing an illicit drug other than cannabis, you would likely be facing the possibility of a life-shattering felony conviction. Today, however, Illinois courts acknowledge that most people caught with small amounts of drugs are not big-time drug traffickers but instead regular people who made a mistake. To prevent ordinary people from becoming drug crime felons, Illinois instituted a diversion program to help regular people avoid drug-related convictions. 

If you are a first-time drug crime offender, you are likely eligible for Illinois’s diversion program. Contacting a knowledgeable Illinois drug crime attorney is an excellent first step to seeing whether you are eligible. 

What is Section 410 Probation for Particular Drug Crimes? 

For a first-time drug offender to be eligible for Section 410 probation, you must first plead guilty to the drug possession charge. However, the court will not enter such a verdict. Instead, you will likely be instructed to take part in Section 410 probation. Furthermore, if you satisfy all requirements, the initial charge will be dismissed, and your record will be clean.


arlington heights criminal defense lawyerFor many of us, driving is a fundamental part of everyday life. Whether driving to the grocery store, driving to work, or picking your child up from school, it can be hard to imagine life without driving. Driving has become so ingrained in our society that we often forget that it is a privilege that we get to drive, not a right. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where someone may break the law, such as through a DUI charge, which can result in a license suspension.

Once someone's license gets suspended, that person must tread very carefully. It is critical to remember that if you choose to drive with a suspended license, the penalties and fines associated with such behavior will become increasingly severe. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the associated penalties for driving with a suspended license. It cannot be emphasized enough that if you have been arrested for such an offense, consider contacting an experienced driver's license suspension attorney who will work to protect your rights and pursue a positive outcome in your case. 

What Are the Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License? 

Life becomes markedly tricky when someone's driving privileges get suspended. As a result, people may decide to accept the risk and go out driving anyway. While this line of thinking is not uncommon, it must be understood that driving on a suspended license is unlawful and can often result in increased penalties and personal difficulties. Generally, the penalties for driving on a suspended license will increase in severity the more prior convictions of driving on a suspended license someone has. Penalties include the following: 


Arlington Heights, IL criminal defense lawyerMake no mistake: being convicted of a DUI can have life-shattering consequences. Steep fines and a possible jail sentence are only the beginning. Many who are convicted of a DUI face immense socioeconomic challenges as well as difficulties in their personal life. Unfortunately, there is often a notion that when someone is charged with DUI, it is a foregone conclusion that they will be convicted. However, this is not necessarily the case. 

It is possible to beat a DUI charge. However, doing so will require you tp first hire an experienced DUI attorney to ensure your rights remain protected and that your best interests are at the forefront of all decisions made. Experience is critical when it comes to DUI cases, as is an attorney who has worked DUI cases before and is aware of the different defenses and strategies that can help individuals accused of DUI beat the charge. In this blog, we will look at what legal tools can be implemented to help dismiss a charge of DUI. 

Considerations for Beating a DUI

To have a chance of being found not guilty of DUI, your attorney may implement various strategies to try and exonerate you. Possible paths to acquittal include the following: