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drug, Illinois drug crime, Arlington Heights Drug Crime Defense LawyerA 24-year-old New Lenox man recently shared the experience he had involving a new designer drug – which authorities describe as "deadly – a drug that the man had no idea he was taking. The drug caused the man to black out and suffer from a psychotic episode. He and his family described how he became violent and even ran around his neighborhood naked. The man had no recollection of any of what happened, including being arrested, until three days later when he woke up in a jail cell.

The drug, officially called Alpha-PVP, is referred to as "flakka" or "gravel." It is a second-generation bath salt, coming in the form of crystals which can be eaten, injected, snorted, or vaporized. Reports are that flakka is more addictive than both crack cocaine and crystal meth. The drug is produced in China and began first appearing in the Southern Florida area. However, there are reports of it appearing in the Chicago area and elsewhere in the country, including Texas and Ohio, causing the hospitalization of at least 20 victims per day, and being blamed for almost a dozen deaths.

The street price of flakka is low and the target market for the drug appears to be young people. Because it is so highly addictive, many drug dealers give it to unsuspecting users. Even more dangerous are what the drug dealers are cutting it with – insecticides and rat poison.


homicide, drug-induced homicide, Illinois Criminal Defense LawyerThere is a heroin epidemic that is gripping the nation, and Illinois has been as deeply affected by it as any other state. Some Illinois officials are saying the epidemic should be labeled a "medical emergency," with over 1,000 lives lost over the last three years. One county has seen a 200 percent increase in heroin overdoses in a four year period.

With so many people dying from drugs, a previously rarely-used law now appears to be gaining popularity among law enforcement and prosecutors, leaving many to question just how is this new legal trend helping those that need it the most – the addicts.

The provision under Illinois law regarding drug-induced homicide allows for the prosecution of anyone who delivers a drug to another individual if individual ends up dying from the use of that drug. The original intent of the law was to create an additional avenue of prosecution against drug dealers; however, there are several different legal interpretations of what "delivery" of the drug means. There does not have to be an exchange of currency or other item that would constitute a sale of the drug. One person simply handing the other person the drug – such as two friends who are doing the drugs together – constitutes a delivery under the law.


drug crimes, felony drug, Illinois drug crimes attorneyIn Illinois, there are different felonies related to drug crimes. A felony drug conviction involving controlled substances can result in serious consequences and significant jail time. Some of the potential charges include:

Possession With Intent To Deliver

The charge of possession with intent to deliver generally indicates that law enforcement seized or discovered an amount of an illegal substance or substances so large that there is implied intent to sell or distribute.


drug crimes conspiracy, criminal law, Illinois Criminal Defense AttorneyWhat Qualifies as a Criminal Conspiracy?

The Illinois state statutes define a criminal conspiracy as an explicit arrangement among two or more persons to commit criminal activity or crime(s). Generally, anyone who is charged with conspiring to commit a drug related crime would receive penalties similar to what would have resulted if the crime had actually been committed and a conviction was successful.

Drug Conspiracy is a Serious and Often Nuanced Charge


Arlington Heights drug crimes defense attorney, drug convictions, drug crimes, drug offense, Scott F. Anderson, drug possession, illegal drugs, Illinois drug chargesUse of illegal drugs is one of the largest social, economic, and political issues in contemporary America. Between the legalization of marijuana in some states, the widespread abuse of opiates (including prescription narcotics) and opiate overdoses, and the ease of accessibility to these substances, illegal drugs can cause a host of problems. When these issues extend to legal problems and drug charges, it is critical to contact an Illinois criminal defense attorney.

There are varying degrees of drug charges in the State of Illinois, and many carry very different, and often stiff penalties in their wake. Consider the following list of common street narcotics and the results if convicted when found in one's possession:

Heroin and substances containing heroin: Possession of heroin, or any substance containing heroin, carries very stiff consequences. Being caught with anywhere between 15 to 99 grams of Heroin can bring a four to fifteen year prison sentence, as well as a fine of up to $200,000.